How would this levels interact to accomplish goal of organisation in mcdonalds

The firm rolls out new products to maintain its performance in satisfying customers. Each division handles a specific operational area. The aim of this organizational structure is to support autonomy and organizational flexibility. Global hierarchy Performance-based divisions Function-based groups Global Hierarchy.

How would this levels interact to accomplish goal of organisation in mcdonalds

During each visit, a group member made a purchase and sat at a table where one could observe the behavior of managers and employees and customer interactions, without interfering with normal operations. One would imagine that the manager would almost always use position power and would use a telling style of leadership since the typical employee is young or inexperienced.

Indeed, some managers were observed as running the operations in a machine like manner, especially during peak business periods.

McDonald’s Organizational Structure Advantages & Disadvantages

However, in the majority of cases the managers were relatively relaxed and sometimes were indistinguishable from the other employees. One manager in particular used a selling approach, which indicates a higher readiness level of her team Daft,p. She did not simply give orders, but accepted feedback and alternatives to her decisions.

While it was obvious she was the manager, her team was obviously in the later stages of development and was comfortable outside of their predefined roles.

In general, the managers did not try to put any strong vertical barriers between themselves and their employees Managers usually seemed to display real concern and interest in the emotions and well being of their employees, which was not expected in this environment.

For example, one manager was observed asking an employee cleaning the floors about her weekend and her kids. There seems to be legitimate efforts in order to motivate employees even at the line worker level.

How would this levels interact to accomplish goal of organisation in mcdonalds

Even in a low- skill position, low turnover is desired. In addition, happy employees lead to happy customers. Corporate policy says that employees should be paid at or above the local market rate, and should also value both their pay and their benefits.

By addressing employees higher needs by providing training they make employees feel important and valuable. Even during the observed lunch and dinner rushes, the employees never appeared particularly stressed or anxious. When there was a lull in the restaurant the employees would clean their stations, chat with other employees, or get a drink from the soda fountain.

Our Business Model | McDonald's

They were very relaxed and for the most part did not seem to fear their managers or other bosses. As Daft explains, fear can weaken trust and communication, and is usually impedes employees rather than motivates them Daft,p. Also, for the elderly employees, the low stress environment may also be desirable because they would not be overwhelmed with responsibilities that might be new to them.

Another possible motivator is the social opportunity presented by such a job As noted above, employees tended to have a very casual environment where they could talk and socialize while they worked.

For example, many of the employees who work during the evening shifts are high school students. These employees are often the same age and often share common cultural interests. They are also presented with the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships that can continue to develop outside of work.

They will also have a bond with these employees because they share a common experience, and are likely from a similar background. Many of these employees do not have the opportunity to participate in clubs or other organizations, and interact with people of their own age or anyone in general. This can help employees find a healthy work-life balance.

Some individuals require fulltime work, which is available through the standard day shift, while part time workers can pick up their hours after school ends, on weekends or around other social obligations.

Part time employees can rotate their hours according to who has requested to have a certain day off. This gives employees a sense of empowerment because they have same say in their schedule and are less likely to call in sick to avoid work, which would lower team morale and the respect between the managers and the employee Daft,p.

Even though the average employee is unskilled or does not require skills, empowering an employee helps him feel important and makes him feel better about his job. As a result, employees who do not have cars can walk to work or take public transportation. In light of the recent economic downturn and the high price of gas, having a job in your own neighborhood is a huge benefit, especially for a young person or a person trying to earn their first paycheck.

Since there is a high rate of turnover, employees have the chance to advance within a few years of working at a restaurant. This opportunity could be very appealing for those who cannot attend college for some reason.

If during his high school years an employee was a hard worker, he or she could easily move into a manager position and continue his career with the company or gain experience to move into another job without a formal education.

Thus, for the majority of the employees the goal is to satisfy their lower needs. However, there are typically no real fringe benefits besides free food associated with the job, and there is no contract or other guarantee of continued employment.

In some cases though, there was observed belongingness through friendships and team unity. In addition, the two-factor theory of motivation seems to be employed Daft,p.

Observation of Leadership & Organizational Behavior at McDonald's

In many cases, there does not appear to be a high focus on implementing motivators; employees did not seem unhappy, but there seem to be very few opportunities for recognition and growth except for those who plan to be long term employees.

Indeed, during this field study the line managers seemed to be very expedient, approaching a station whenever there was a problem and giving directions to the subordinates.

The managers appeared to be moderately concerned with the people who did the tasks, yet they were focused on production and ultimately product quality. There were no noticeable conflicts between leaders and followers and an equilibrium state was achieved between them.This website uses cookies to give you the best online experience.

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STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS McDonald’s strategic plan is called ‘plan to win’. The ability to influence the leadership skills of your team members in order to meet organizational demands is a complex element of the overall leadership development picture.

Leaders are tasked with effectively guiding organizational goal achievement, while considering team member skills necessary to produce the desired output. In the organisation communication the important aspect is the organisation goals and the goals can only be achieved if the staff understand it and communicate about the goal by each other.

In the organisation every individual employee has to contribute to the main organisation goal. McDonald’s Organizational Structure Analysis. Updated on Updated on September 8, A firm’s organizational structure defines the system through which organizational components coordinate to achieve business objectives.

Organizational Focus and Goals - McDonalds

McDonald’s organizational structure facilitates managing markets based on performance levels. As the largest . McDonald’s organizational structure establishes the arrangement or pattern of interactions among various business areas.

Through its corporate structure, McDonald’s succeeds in managing efficiency and performance in its operations in the global fast food restaurant industry.

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