Essay history telecommunication

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Essay history telecommunication

First Steps This part will be different from the History of the computer, no chronological travel Essay history telecommunication software-land, but a collection of articles and assays on software. Essay history telecommunication has a long history and as far as the facts are known to us we will give them to you.

Essay history telecommunication

When missing stories, data, or other information are shared to us they will be put on this site. If you have any comments of suggestions regarding this page or any other page please do not hesitate to contact us. Hardware you can touch, software you can't. But that is too simple indeed.

But when talking about software you talk about programming and programming languages. But about producing and selling the products made by programming languages as well. There are over different "common" computer languages in existence, apart from the various dialects stemming from one of them.

Some because they are rather new or the use of them was or is never wide spread and only used by a small specialized professionals or groups of scientists requiring these dialects.

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This is often the case with a specific language that was designed for just one purpose, e. Some languages are even dead languages, some others are revived and expanded upon again, and there are ones that constantly rejuvenate.

In the latter case a programmer is sometimes wondering whether he or she is not just upgrading to a newer version but instead learning a complete new language. How It All Started It shouldn't be a big surprise that the creation or software also went in large but distinguishable steps.

Compared with hardware there were fewer developments that went parallel or overlapping. In rare cases developments were reinvented sometimes because the development or invention was not published, even prohibited to be made public war, secrecy acts etc. The earliest practical form of programming was probably done by JaquardFrance.

He designed a loom that performed predefined tasks through feeding punched cards into a reading contraption.

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This new technology allowed carpets and tissues to be manufactured with lower skills and even with fewer people. The little kid sitting under the loom changing rods and other things vanished. One single person could now handle a loom.

That this met resistance from the weavers leaves no question. The same thing happened in England during the industrial revolution there.

Even a movement came up called: Luddites anti technology or just concerned citizens fighting for their bread? This picture shows the manufacturing of punched cards for looms The technology of punched cards will later be adapted by IBM's Recording and Tabulating Company to process data. The situation was still a one on one game: To call that programming?

Well, according to our definition yes it was. First there was Ada Lovelacewriting a rudimentary program for the Analytical Machine, designed by Charles Babbage inbut the machine never came into operation. This meant a breakthrough for mathematics.

Boole was the first to prove that logic is part of mathematics and not of philosophy.

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A big step in thinking too. But it will take one hundred years before this algebra of logic is put to work for computing. John Von Neumann working at the Institute for Advanced Study developed in two important concepts that directly affected the path of computer programming languages: The first concept became known as "shared-program technique" 7.

This technique states that the actual computer hardware should be simple and not need to be hand-wired for each program. Instead, complex instructions should be used to control the simple hardware, allowing it to be reprogrammed much faster.

Essay history telecommunication

Von Neumann called it "conditional control transfer" 7 www. This idea gave rise to the notion of subroutines, or small blocks of code that could be jumped to in any order, instead of a single set of chronologically ordered steps for the computer to take.

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