Employment law draft 1

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Employment law draft 1

If the 15th day falls on a weekend or FINRA holiday, the day period will expire the next business day. As noted above, statutory employment discrimination claims, such as claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act ofcan be arbitrated before FINRA only if the parties agree to arbitrate these claims either before or after the dispute arose.

FINRA arbitration features a streamlined discovery process, which is often much faster from inception to verdict than a case in federal or state court. FINRA arbitration includes a presumption that depositions are not available to the parties, which reduces the employer's expenses.

You cannot move to dismiss or for summary judgment in FINRA arbitrations, and the summary adjudication procedures are less favorable to employers than in federal and state court. Federal and state laws often provide for shorter statutes of limitation than FINRA's eligibility rule, discussed in more detail below, which provides that one may submit a claim to arbitration so long as fewer than six years have elapsed from the occurrence or event giving rise to the claim.

You may request relief in many forms, including monetary damages, interest, expungement and specific performance. You may also include any additional documentation supporting the statement of claim. Once you file a statement of claim, the director will serve the respondent unless your statement of claim is deficient.

It does not specify your or your representative's current address. You do not pay all required filing fees, unless the director defers the fees. The claim does not comply with the restrictions on filings with personal confidential information pursuant to FINRA Rule d 1.

If your claim is dismissed due to the six-year time limitation, you may pursue the claim in court if that claim is timely. As discussed below, the grounds for filing a motion to dismiss are very limited and there is no summary judgment process in FINRA arbitrations.

The statement of claim, therefore, is often the only written document that the claimant provides to the panel prior to the hearing. Although in some cases the parties will submit prehearing briefs.

For this reason, consider drafting your statement of claim in a persuasive manner and include background facts that allow the panel to understand the issues, even though such facts may not be technically necessary to state a claim.

Associated persons can request that the panel expunge information from the U5 as a form of relief. Be aware that the standards for expungement of customer dispute information under FINRA Rules and differ from the standards for expunging employment information from the Form U5. FINRA has said that the information disclosures on the Form U5, some of which FINRA makes publicly available via its BrokerCheck websiteare of critical importance to the investing public, and expungement is an extraordinary remedy that should be recommended only under appropriate circumstances.

Key Steps for Respondent to Respond to a Statement of Claim The Statement of Answer If you are the respondent in an arbitration proceeding, then, once served with a statement of claim, you must file a statement of answer and submission agreement with the director and serve a copy on every other party.

Time Limits and Fees You must file the statement of answer within 45 days of receiving the statement of claim. Similarly, you may be barred from raising defenses or presenting relevant facts if you file an untimely statement of answer or fail to present those defenses or facts in your original answer.

If the statement of answer asserts any counterclaims, cross-claims or third-party claims, you must pay all required filing fees. This is true regardless of the format of the statement of claim. The statement of answer should include a statement of facts and legal argument section, in which you should explain the controlling law and apply it to the facts of the case.

It also should include any affirmative defenses. Regarding the legal claims, ensure that you specifically address and thoughtfully present each claim. You should explain the controlling law and how it applies to the facts to foreclose attempts to circumvent the law. For example, you should argue that the at-will employment doctrine forecloses claims of wrongful termination and the claimant cannot establish any of the very narrow exceptions based on public policy.

New York and California, however, provide for an absolute privilege from money damages arising from U5s. FINRA Case Administration sends the parties a letter that describes the process and encloses a list of arbitrator candidates and background information on each candidate.

The parties then have approximately three weeks to conduct background research and submit their rankings to FINRA. The parties must strike four candidates from each list of 10 and then rank the remaining six arbitrators indicating their order of preference.

Arbitrators are eligible to serve as chairpersons of panels submitted for arbitration under the industry code if they have completed FINRA chairperson training, and: Have a law degree and are a member of a bar of at least one jurisdiction and have served as an arbitrator through award on at least one arbitration administered by a self-regulatory organization in which hearings were held; or Have served as an arbitrator through award on at least three arbitrations administered by a self-regulatory agency in which hearings were held.

In general, be aware of the exclusionary criteria and that an arbitrator can be permanently or temporarily disqualified to serve as a public arbitrator, which can be based on the person's own activities or those of an immediate family member.

Employment law draft 1

In general, a nonpublic arbitrator also known as an industry arbitrator is an arbitrator who is, or was, associated with including registered through, under, or with any of the following: A broker or dealer. A mutual fund or hedge fund. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the following rules apply: Therefore, you must review all available information, including the candidates' background, experience, writings and prior awards to ascertain whether you believe that the candidate is a good fit for your case.

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